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  1. Real Estate Photography Questionnaire

  2. Thank you for considering Extreme Ross Photography for your Real Estate Photography needs.  Please answer the following questions to reserve a spot for your next listing.

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  4. Photo Shoot Information

  5. Twilight and sunset photographs add a warm and colorful element that helps your photos stand out above the rest.   This may require a longer shoot time.  Interior photos will look best several hours before sunset.  The photos are improved with all interior and exterior lights on.

  6. Drone use is not just for large properties.  Drone photos and video can highlight the surrounding locations and give a client a better idea of where the property fits in the community.  Drones also provide a unique vantage that sets your listing apart from the rest.  See examples here

  7. Did you know that having a floor plan increases the click-through of a property by 52% (Rightmove).  Floor plans can be created from scratch for any property using a phone scanning app.  These can be integrated into the 3D Tour as well.

  8. Virtual Tours are a necessity in today's world.  A basic slideshow of the photos is provided at no extra charge.  An interactive 3D tour provides an engaging way for clients to discover a home at their own pace and allows them to imagine themselves inside.  The 3D tour is powered through 3DVista and provides endless customization and branding.  A real estate video allows your clients to effortless glide through the home through a smooth, professionally edited video which highlights the selling points of the property.  Drone use is automatically included with the Real Estate Video.  Check out examples of both:  3D Tour  /  Real Estate Video

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